Volunteers Wanted

Are you looking to volunteer some time to do good in the world? Want to earn a glowing reference for your CV from a registered charity? Then Cheeky Kea wants you! The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust is currently looking for volunteers all over New Zealand who are willing to help us get out there and raise funds in the community. 

We are looking for all kinds of volunteer fundraisers, from those who are experienced with running their own fundraising campaigns to those who just want to lend a bit of muscle to something that someone else has organised. Just send us an email if you have an idea for a fundraiser on our behalf and we'll hook you up with our branded material and make sure to spread the word on social media!

Need some ideas? We've got lots!

  • Ye Olde Traditional Sausage Sizzle - always a favourite!
  • Bucket collection.
  • Mufty days at schools.
  • We have some branded material that you can sell on our behalf, including awesome reusable shopping bags.

Are you located in Turangi, Taupo, Putaruru, or Rotorua? We would love to have some people to help us sell our CK Swagworks goodies at the local markets over summer!

Have an idea or want to volunteer? Join our Facebook group or send us an email below!

Our active volunteers will also get first dibs on helping out (i.e. getting free passes to) exciting future events like Armageddon, Supanova, and more. 

Contact Us

Have questions regarding our services? Send us a message!  We're always happy to have a chat.

​If you have any trouble with the form,you can email us direct at info@cheekykea.com